Alternative Education Provisions


AIM ( Alternative In Mind)

AiM is a project which enhances the prospects of young people and improves the quality of living for those who are struggling in the current climate. It aims to break barriers including barriers to learning, cultural barriers and social barriers.

AiM work with Young People who have little or no qualifications, who have no confidence or self-esteem and people who are disadvantaged. They tailor support and courses to suit individual requirements. They offer personal, social and emotional development.

AiM provides a variety of vocational and academic training and accreditations.

AiM operates at the forefront of government initiatives around alternative approaches to education. They are renowned for making a significant impact on the lives of disadvantaged and disengaged young people through a modern approach to tackling exclusion and disengagement. 100% of individuals whom partake in a AiM programme leave with skills, accreditation and improved prospects.

Address: LEARNING CENTRE: No 8 Alexandra Rd South, Whalley Range, Manchester. M16 8ER 

   VOCATIONAL CENTRE: 7 Trentham St, Cornbrook, Manchester. M15 4LW

Telephone: 0161 232 9888 Email: