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Therapeutic Child Care


Every child achieves positive outcomes during their stay



We look after children and young people of 10-17 years of age, with challenging behaviour/ complex needs and children on the periphery of offending. We also offer residential childcare for children displaying harmful sexualised behaviour.

Our skilled and experienced staff team have consistently delivered placement stability, high quality health and social care and achieved excellent educational results, which have been pivotal to our success in achieving positive outcomes for children with all kinds of challenging behaviours.


About our homes

It is our aim to create an atmosphere within which the young person can feel safe to express themselves, find adults they feel able to approach and those that will accept them unreservedly as individuals in their own
right. As part of a wider strategy, active attempts are made to rescue the better aspects of the individuals behaviour, to restart the natural process of growth and development, and equip them with the necessities to go on to be productive members of society.

Our homes


The counselling we offer at New Horizons is humanistic and person centered in its philosophy, and based on Carl Rogers belief that given time and appropriate support, individuals have the capacity to grow and heal in a way that is right for them (self actualization).


Counselling at New Horizons-(Stockport)Ltd


We at New Horizons strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our young people, we undertake regular reviews of our services and communicate with our young people and Authorities to recieve feedback on our services


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